Monday, February 28

Three chapters later

I read with much anticipation, there must be an answer between the lines or in the middle of them. There was no note on the first page, I havent got further than to the third chapter yet (and he is still no where to be seen) I don't know what Im looking for, but Anaïs keeps me company while I try to figure it out.

When I feel lonely and without purpose I always walk down to Piccadilly circus. There's always someone missing out on being in the group photo since he has to take it, and there I am offering to help them out. I save their memories and they make me feel needed.


Tabs A. Geek said...

I've always been one of those people who loved to wander into touristy places by myself. There's something about experiencing it your way, through the eyes of an observer, rather than having to bend to the desires of those you are there with.

Beautiful Belle, I have a question to ask you. Is there somewhere I can e-mail you?

clara said...

I very much like the way you string words together. Just figured I'd say that.

Glitch said...

I like your way with words...
simply stunning and beautiful!! .... <3

- Glitch. <3

The Boy Named Crow said...

wander with me and save our own memories, they're all we'll need

Ophelia said...

i was hooked on anais like i'm
hooked on martini's and wearing