Friday, February 4

Write what you know

Dear Miri

Companion in life, knight under the full moon. The snow on Londons god forsaken streets remind me of your skin, I keep on filling my pockets with it. Trying to bring you homer with me. You melt, you disappear, slipping through my fingers. Impossible to hold, impossible to let go.

These walls are screaming, the air is white from cigaret smoke that never's allowed to leave. Windows stay closed here, I try to capture my own shadows. Much like you, they're impossible. They run. Blood stained foot prints, old paintings smelling like death. Every single book ever written ( before this century of course) creating an layer on top of the floor. I walk on top of them. Float on stories thats been worn out. They're just as tired as I am.
What did you dream last night?
I dreamt of you. In your mothers blood stained wedding dress you smiled and you had some sort of sick desperation in your laugh.

Companion of mine, give me life.

love, Belle


nia said...

Miri is a very lucky girl.

nesha said...

wow that's very beautiful. you've inspired me.

Anonymous said...

darling you are so beautiful.

Anise said...

Ah would that you were/are/had ever been/will ever be in los angeles. I'd take you out to tea. And not to Intelligensia because you're better than that. Would that your name really were belle (assuming it's not, as many of o ur names aren't really ours, are only borrowed), because you are, your words are, your stories are.

xx x

Elemi said...

Her name is Belle.

Whether her mother gave it to her or not (though I believe she's said that she did), her name is Belle.

Simply because no other name could be her. We ultimately name ourselves in thousands of words that aren't our given names anyway.

Our real names are our taken names.

And Belle took Belle. Forever, as far I am concerned.

Miri said...

Belle, you're my one heroine, I need you. I'll tell you what's right about this place. It's our combined dysfunctionality. I think I might love you, but how would I know. write 2 you soon!!!!!!x

margg. said...

you have inspired me in ways i can not describe.

i can not stop reading.

thank you.

Leda la Lune said...