Sunday, February 27

Back home

I never understood the whole green tea revolution. I don't drink to get healthier, feel better or live longer. One cup of black tea wont effect my decaying body, so I don't really appreciate the way the young man in black uniform looks at me when I decline his offer to give me something with "a lot of nutrition"

If its "supposedly" good for me, then so be it but I've made a habit out of choosing the other option. I always chose the other option.

Can you breath he asks and when I reply with a slighty nervous nod he ads pressure by forcing his thumb into the thin skin that covers my throat. This is what I chose above love and comfort. I choose little or no air.

I close my eyes and the smell of death passes me by, a longing for some sort of constant sleep suddenly feel more present than him or my own body for that matter. I wish for a never ending sleep.

Instead I get green tea when I specifically order black and a city filled with life and laughter. Its a tragedy, being alive but feeling dead.

Where to miss, home I presume?

Yes, sure. Sankt James hotel, please


Anonymous said...

subway (tube isn't it in england) and then taxi at LHR? did u get lost?

Belle Armed said...

oh well, thats all semantics. Im an american posing as a brit, a french girl wishing she was swedish.
Taxi? god no. I always get picked up by a driver, how else does one get around?

William said...

As it sit in a coffee shop, drinking tea and reading your post, I think about what I just put into my own body to help me feel something, but knowing it won't work.

At least I have your writing.

JUST ME said...

Black tea is also good for you. (Un)fortunately.

Anonymous said...

i was never one for green tea either. and i love black coffee.

Emily Anne said...

you are such a great writer!

Tabs A. Geek said...

Every once in a while, I can handle green tea. My mother gets on my case for constantly drinking black tea. Even if it's not doing anything good for me, it makes me feel better.

The taste is less bitter. And it keeps me awake.