Wednesday, February 23

How to mess up your daughter 101

  1. I remember him telling me to leave her alone, she had been drinking and I had trouble sleeping. Dont talk to, talk to me he said and poured some scotch in my warm milk. It was almost midnight, octobre and I was minutes from turning eleven. I might as well had been fifty. There was nothing to say
  2. .Since I never really slept I didn’t have bad dreams and I hadn’t really learned to lie yet. Like a baby shark I could smell the blood, I had an idea about lying but I couldn’t go through with it, I couldn’t kill on my own. Deep gulps of milk and scotch made my eyelids remember what Darwin told us. What plastic surgery can undo.
  3. I don’t remember laying down, but I remember him carrying me to my bed and softly whisper Do not wake her up, darling. You don’t want her to wake up


Anonymous said...

they never know what we remember, what we hear, all that we see. they forgot about the damage it causes. the damage *they* cause

Space Cadet said...

Absolutely correct. They figure we will forget as we grow up, not even thinking of the way we make imprints of every situation we are put in when we are little.

Christopher said...

I used to know this woman. I'd see her around, she was fun, sometimes we'd do illicit substances together. One night I went to her house and realized she had two kids. She was sitting there talking about all sorts of crazy stuff she'd done with her kids just sitting right there within earshot. I was pretty disgusted and really can't even talk to her anymore.

Tabs A. Geek said...

Parents underestimate how things will effect their kids. They seem to think that they're less perceptive than they are.

I think your mother has taken for granted the most precious thing she has been given in life.