Tuesday, February 22

Massmurder and silk underwear

You say Im misunderstood but that like simplifying the first world war down to People were angry. I am not a children's bed time story, there are deeper levels of this. Maybe I chose to be this way. Just like I chose to wear a bra that doesn't come off unless you carry a knife.

It's not that I like it on. I just like the struggle. Five years a go a man murdered his five children and then put on his shoes and went to work. No one knew.

He wasn't misunderstood. He was unhappy.

Carine Roitfeld may you rest in peace. We will always have those summer editorials.


Kaleidoscope Girl said...

I love the bit about simplifying WW1, it's real sharp.

margg. said...

this makes me feel alive again.

there is that fine line, that people do not understand.

you are too wonderful.

Anonymous said...

so many do not understand.
and somehow, i am jealous of their ignorance.
because they really do not know.
or is this "supposed" to be a gift? living on the darkside?
can never be called narrow minded, for sure.

Tabs A. Geek said...

Amazing imagery in this one.

Reading the beauty of your words makes my heart warm.