Saturday, February 12

Snow and silence

Trying to check in to a hotel next to a night club. Snow storm outside. Inside. In my hand I have my passport, some cash and mothers old journal.
The clerk looks at me with despair, gives me a key and tells me she can arrange for some cloths to appear outside my door within the hour.

-Or anything else you might need, sweetheart

I frantically grab the fur coat, pull it close to my body to cover my bruised ribs and purple nipples. The cold hasn't treated me well. No, I dont have any bags I tell her. No, I dont
need your help.

Share elevator with a man in a dark suit and eyes like the devil. He looks at me with such horror, such fear. I step away from him, trying my best to keep the smell of gin to myself. Not let him know what my breath always gives away.

Outside the hotel room, I struggle with my key. A maid helps me open, guides me to the bed and remove my coat. She dresses my pale skin with some t-shirt that miraculously appeared and when she's about to leave I feel an uncontrollable urge to ask her what I fear I already know

I used to live here, didn't I?


Anonymous said...

love you

AVY said...

Darling, are you feeling alright?


Fashion is me said...

Wonderful post, i love it .

Watch my blog , birthday contest !!!!! and prizes to win.


Anise said...

this post left me open mouthed and breathless. how do you write like this? you leave me in silence.

i do hope everything is all right.

xx x

Christopher said...

You always leave me wanting so much more.

Aurélie said...

Just a kiss tonight, bisous a

sanchez said...

I hate that feeling, forgetting where you used to be.
and then you get another thought, just after that one. Kind of like "how could I possibly forget that?"

that's the absolute worst.

Ben said...

How did you get through airport security? no matter what class you fly you have to take your coat off!!OMG i would have loved to see that!!!!