Saturday, March 19

Trench and blood


Isquisofrenia said...

love how your shoeless and the bottle next to you!

Caroline said...

You look like a child. In a good way.

ralph young said...

Pretty, and I have to agree with Caroline - somewhat childlike!

Christopher said...

such a rebel

BackOfTheOne said...

cute and bad :P so amazing mix

mais said...

sometimes you read my mind, did you know? i have lately been trying to think of the right one for you because anais nin carries too much weight now. i guess i had this thought before. what book did i recommend once?

was is marguerite duras, The Lover, or was it The Malady of Death?

do you know once you said we ought to go on an adventure, high up in the hollywood hills? next time you're in LA look me up, won't you? it seems we both need an adventure, the kind that takes us out of ourselves.

xx x

ANN said...

Your trench is gorgeous! And I love how that bottle is right next to you haha

mais said...

i'm here now:

undergoing reconstruction and/or fictionalization. don't believe everything you read. not that i need to tell you that. still me but not-me too. ideal.

xx x

Mélanie said...

J’adore ton blog et ta vision de la mode!
Si tu aimes le vintage je te conseille ce site :
Il y a de superbes pièces et la boutique est très belle ;-)
Bonne continuation!

STARR said...

Really cool. I love the hair <3

clara said...

you are beyond interesting.
being barefoot is the best.
i wrote about you.
I feel like it's less creepy if I tell you about it.
so there it is.


this trench is so rad. wish we coukd have some cold wind to flaunt in this tropical zone to wear something like that. great style.



Cynthia said...

Slim girls with short hair,
who smoke cigarettes are almost

TIFFANY thegirlwithafeather said...

I love this photos! They're so raw which is why I love them!

Violetta E. said...

so cool pics :)

apparellel said...

i am absolutely loving your hair. so talented and so incredibly beautiful you are.