Tuesday, March 29

(Tell me why) I don't like Mondays

She is crashing the illusions into reality.

I dont know how to talk to you, if you don't listen. All of the sudden, Im a ten year old little girl again. Mother's drunk and father figure Frank is smoking in the library. He's not there. She's not there. I can't open my mouth. I scream, but the sound waves can't travel through the rivers of wine.

My back has always been exposed. Im yours to keep, yours to break down.
I don't have anything else than this. Like there's anything here at all.

I could tell you about the time I let Mr Sheen pull my hair in an LA bed, I could tell you about how he injected heroin between his toes. I could tell you I did the same. but you wouldn't listen. I could tell you about the time I bit pneumonia white so hard that I tasted her blood, or the time I fell asleep in Pneumonia blacks lap. But none of us would know if it was true or not. I don't know who I am, so how am I supposed to tell you?
The illusion is my reality, so if it crashed - it did so a long time a go.


Anonymous said...

how boring. get a job!

Paola. said...

nice text:)

Anonymous said...

Who is the detective? I like his or hers boldness but I love what you did with it. That is how I have come to know you so well. For every one of my fans there are three who don't believe. My days with the "brown" were beyond compare. Dangerous and crashing illusions into reality. I love it thanks Belle

wobblinbetty said...

This post brings back old memories...loving it though

rouli said...


Christopher said...

Sometimes reality beats the hell out of illusion, but usually it's the other way around. I say enjoy whichever one is more interesting at the time.

cole said...

I love your blog, how gorgeous!
XOXO Nicole, VPV Team Member
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Luxi said...

<3 love the skull



damn i love your irony. and Sheen is definitely winning hard off the crack.



Anonymous said...

thought heroin was to be injected i.v., you should do a bit more research when you make up those stories, sry this used to be intriguing now its just begging for attention, which you will receive, of course. its just surprising that this is enough for you.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Anonymous, Ya You!. READ THIS, what you know about life or drugs is very little. You are a coward, Clearly. Your words here, show that your intellect couldn't fill an eye dropper. Why Engage a comment when you have so little of value to add. Your comments offend me & I'm sure they reflect a psychosexual maturation issue. If Belle won't tell you to bugger off, I am.
Belle, I'm so sorry for jumping on the pea brain but, I feel so protective of you. Even though I know you are quite capable of coping with him, why should you.

Anonymous said...

The way people see us, who we are & how we see our selves. These are the different ways we relate ie. convey a portion of the truth. In a way we all "front" & and expose our backs if we intend to be honest & exposed in our vulnerabilities. Belle you have a wonderful way of expressing your inner voice. LOVE

t.g.s said...

seriously good writing right here


amazing picture!! :) you guys are so cute! :)