Friday, March 4

Little birds and dead girls

I wear little birds around my neck tonight, will have dinner with Amanda and her new boyfriend at the Ritz tonight. Little birds around my neck. They're my company and if I see him, he'll know that Ive missed him. I carry little birds so that he will nurish my childish dream of being saved. I'll be waiting at the bar around midnight, he must be there.
There is no other option, A's going to bungalow 8 and I would rather have my heart ripped out.
And that just might be this nights plan for me. I'll take my chances.

Dress : Jill Sander (you've seen it before)
the birds used to belong to my grand mother.
Jacket: Primark, just for the hell of it you know.


Christopher said...

I've always been a bit of an optimist and I'd be lying if I hadn't tried to orchestrate a few "chance" encounters from time to time. Wondering if somehow fate is on your side for that thing you want is kind of exhilarating - sometimes disappointing.

Tabs A. Geek said...

I hope fate is on your side tonight.

ralph young said...

you look so good!