Monday, March 7

Rabbits eat birds, dont they?

He is nowhere to be seen, I only have one option left. I read the book once more last night, every page meant more to me than the last time. Every word was a silent prayer. A desperate call for help.
He must have known I would look for him, he must have known me somehow.
He must have known what he did to me. Just like a rapist always knows how a no is a no, it's just that it doesn't bother him. It holds no greater value to him.

So I had five dry martinis in the bar, reading and crying. Bartender let me be. Not a word was spoken.

I walked down the same alley where I first found her, at least there's one person here who is consistent. A fist full of cash, a good night sleep for me. Knowing someone is watching over my uneven breaths. She leaves in the middle of the night, like a criminal she sneaks out. Last night she told me a story, my story. Just because we use cheats doesn't mean we're not smt.


Anonymous said...

A guy once gave me a copy of Kurt Vonnegut's 'God Bless You, Dr. Kevorkian' to read...

I never returned it because I needed something to hold on to the painful memories I have of him.

Tabs A. Geek said...

I liked the little quote from 'Anyone Else But You' at the end.


Jillian-Amedee said...

I like stories, and you are a beautiful storyteller. In the end all that matters is what we believe in(magic).

Christopher said...

I just have to say that rabbit masks creep me out.