Sunday, March 20

It's bedtime for jokers

Things I wish she would do

Punch me on the side of my head, make my vision blurry
Lay down next to me and sleep
Drink wine with me and tell me more secrets
Let me hit her
Choke me
Kill me


Lolla said...

thanks for nice coment .) love your main photo ))

Anonymous said...

I have you had anything good to eat love?

fashioneggpplant said...

that's so passionate, hope everything's cool with you...

Cynthia said...

Ahhh...exchanged your therapist
for Jil Sander. I exchanged my
"therapist" for designer bags.

The Story O., finally someone who
has heard of that amazing piece
of literature.

Caroline said...

horrifying, yet exciting.

Miss Woody said...


AntonioCerro said... this pic! :) i'm following you! Hope you'll follow back!

Leather & Lace said...

dark. great photo.

Ophelia said...

Things I Wish ...

Slap me and make my coo quiver
Tie me up and lay on top of me
Drink icy martinis and whisper
in my ear
Choke me ... slowly
Cover my nose and stuff your
leather glove in my mouth

sorry, Belle, but you got my
creative juices flowing.

please feel free to stop by
my place and leave a hit.

Christopher said...

dark, dark wishes

sanchez said...

I'm back and I missed your blog.
despite everything, despite all the darkness.
it makes certain things a bit better.

Tabs A. Geek said...

Beautiful but haunting. Be careful not to let the dark thoughts become prominent; eventually they take over.

Anonymous said...

Belle, dear, dear, Belle
Do you hear the love in these post's?
Do you feel the passion they feel for your "Well being"?
"NIN" wanted the same for you, that is how that book came to you. YOU ARE SO TALENTED. Please don't give in to the noise of chaos. Remember you are loved.

Kat said...

thanks for your comment! :)