Thursday, March 4

You just might find that you get what you need

I miss Chloè

Black coffee, cigarettes and a copy of the Times. LA mornings are fantastic, the air is crisp but warm and I don't ever wake up hung over here like I used to back in London. I guess that has more to do with the father figure- Frank than the scenery but anyhow, it's comfortable.

I finished Fight Club and started reading Alice in Wonderland - haven't read it since I was a child and I guess now's the time since everyones talking about white rabbits and having a teaparty. I'm thinking maybe I did fall down the rabbit-hole once, somewhere at that time when mother left for Australia and I drank wine like water. When the men were twenty years older and bought me expensive things although I didn't need it. I didn't ever want their gifts, I wanted their weight on top of me and nothing else. It was a time when I could isolate myself in the apartment for several days and never ever pick up the phone. ( Seems like a hundred years a go but in fact it's just a couple of weeks)

Or maybe I fell dow the rabbit-hole when I got of the plane at LAX, maybe this is wonderland. Maybe I'm going crazy by all the sunlight. I still am a pale little brittish girl who's used to rain. Not being tanned.

( Thank you Sophia. You made me smile throughout the whole day by posting this. Bisous!)


s + b said...

some days i'd really like to find a rabbit hole to fall into. if la is yours, then lucky you :) i very much love the sun and relaxed mornings.

Anonymous said...

LA is wonderland. It is a place where dreams can come true. LA can be the narrative for your life, the moments of unrepentant joy and love along with the times of inconsolable sorrow. The beauty of Los Angeles is each day the sun will shine, and It's life (the people) will give you all the energy you need to live.

Enjoy your time in LA as you seem very worldly and I doubt even a city as great as Los Angeles will caputre your heart completely.

It doesn't hurt there are lots and lots of beautiful people either...

Hope Chella said...

Thanks for commenting on my artwork :) xo

Sophia said...

So glad you aren't in the isolation stage. At least you're happy. I've never been to LA, but you make me want to go.

Much love,

Helga said...

Your writing is exquisite.

SaraJ said...

I´ll do my very best 2 make this your wonderland alice.

Heather Taylor said...

You captured the essence of the LA morning perfectly. It really is quite serene.
And I also agree about the weight of a man. It's such a wonderful feeling...Belle, you and I think very much alike.

apparellel said...

ahhhh... gorgeous one, i am so glad you decided to stay. everyone needs the sun in their life. and yes i think this might just be your rabbit-hole.


kim said...

you did fall down a rabbit hole. see you tomorrow!

XXX, Kim

Joellen said...

Fun photos! I have my rabbit hole days/weeks *sigh*

Vintage Vixen said...

My God, just reading your posts send a shiver down my spine. You oughta be a professional writer, honey.

Nadege said...

amazing post -
- feel as if I've
stolen someone's delicious diary-
literature & illicit sex ...mmm

les jeune fille à les oiseaux said...

you are a sweet, sweet girl.
and personally, i like pale much more than tan.