Monday, March 15

Everything looks perfect from far away


JenniAsh said...

Stark but true.

marian said...

thought provoing title hun

honey i am having my first fashion giveaway, do check it out when you can.
big kiss

Susan said...

so true!

hey, darling, I have changed the name and url of my blog to please, update it in your lists :) thanks, xxx

Anonymous said...

don't you think i'm perfect up close!? you little bitch! haha
cutie pie, i've tried reaching you on your cell. i'll land at LAX at five fiftheen in the morning on thursday, I expect you to be there to pick me up.
miss you

s + b said...

listen to "such great heights" by iron & wine. i think you'll love it.

Anonymous said...

isn't such great heights the postal service?

sanchez said...

love the title.
love the picture even more :)

MJ said...

oooh! love this picture!!! can you play drums?
loving your blog! defenatelly following you!
follow me back if you want :)

s + b said...

@caplyst - yes, but iron and wine does an acoustic cover.

Riff Dog said...

Amanda is going to need a new pair of sticks really soon. Those babies she's holding have taken a beating! ;-)

belle in arms said...

Riff, that's cause we play rough.