Monday, February 1

Sound asleep, wide awake

I attended a dinnerparty at Amandas parents house this weekend, Charles did not want to come and I.. well I didn't want to argue so I dressed in silk and high heels and put a big smile on my face before leaving my apartment in his hands. I drank until the gin no longer tasted anything and a dark and beautiful man lit my cigarettes all night long but after that I went home where a sound asleep boy was waiting for me with candles burning. We are different (my heart beats faster and harder than his, but his sentences contains more words than I use during a whole day)


Aquiles Damiron-Alcantara said...

It is interesting how expectations play with our minds...

Con aprecio,

Susan said...

beautiful photos!

Sophia said...

I love your comparison between each others different ways.