Sunday, February 21

Not now, I'm dancing

She's my knight in shining armor. When I had finally gathered up the courage to call ( It's not her i'm afraid of, naturally, it's the bloody phone) she called me. Let's go out and forget all about this madness that is our lifes. Who am I to say no? Green door was packed and I felt awkward in my black dress. Apparently no one wears black in LA. Cameo brooch on my chest, could feel M's eyes piercing it and going straight for my heart, making it beat faster. Wish I hadn't wore it.

Xanax and mai thais, someone made out with Brody Jenner and I danced my way through the night with her by my side and Choos on my feet. Black dress and a cigarette, I couldn't be more wrong in this town. But I'm not sure I care.

Got home late saturday morning, with the heels in my bag and bare feet. Went into our livingroom and fell asleep infront of the tv, Oprah tells the best bedtime stories.


Anonymous said...

Your life seems so fascinating.
I love your style of writing

and I loved reading this :)

Heather Taylor said...

I wear lots of black and live about 40 miles from LA in a neighborhood that definitely does not appreciate that color. Never feel awkward in black, it's a damn good color :)

Post Grad Hair Cut said...

Sounds like an excellent ending to the night!

Sophia said...

Cute! At least you had a good time. Not to care is caring for the best.

Much love,