Friday, February 12


Being on an airplane for this amount of time provides the mind with a lot of free time to fill with anxiety. Not about an accidental crash and no survivors, no that wouldn't be so bad, but about how in heavens name does one greet their father when not a single word have been exchanged for years. The only contact we've had has been through letters, father loves anything on paper. And photography of course, which he manages to make a living out of ( he's shooting for fashion magazines although the models aren't wearing anything at all except skin over their bones)

He picked me up, the sun forced my eyes to look like two slim lines and I just couldn't bare myself to hug him. But he hugged me.

Smoking I see, what does your mother think of that he asked and lights one of his own.
And there, in his old black car with rolled down ceiling we bond in some matter. We connect. And the few hours I've spent in LA hasn't been so bad yet, Echo park is quite lovely come to think of it. It beats London anyway. Weather or not that is due to boredom I don't know.

And I can't wait to se Miri


Aquiles Damiron-Alcantara said...

You made it to the western world....

Is your dad American?

I look forward to read your perspective of this side of the world in the days to come.


Bee said...

Oh my sweet, how it breaks me to hear you seem to prefer LA to London. I mean, come on, it's the dirty skanky heart of England and even for that it fucking rocks.

Kassandra said...

How picture-perfect. I think I'll include it in one of my films. Would you like to star?

Sophia said...

Family bonding- special. Have fun on this side of the world... Although I live on the other side of the country, I hope you like it.


belle in arms said...

I know London is amazing and it does fucking rock I agree, but London is lonely and anonymous and I need someplace to feel like home. Not that LA manages to accomplish that in one day, but at least I have family here, right? And no, my dad is from Germany and his name is Frank but he lives here and seems to enjoy it.

And yes Kassandra, one houndred times yes. I would love to star in your movie. Not that I have any acting skills, but neither has the girl serving me coffe right now and I bet she's an actor.