Saturday, February 13

An alien wearing Fendi heels

I find it quite ironic that I reckon this being the one place in the world were the girls are the most skinny and tanned, and yet I have never eaten more in my entire life. I think my dad tries to stuff the silence with bagels and frozen yoghurt. When I ordered black coffee he laughed Don't you want a smoothie or freshly squeezed juice with vitamins? I lit a cigarette and shruk my head. He talks a lot about work, and askeds some subtle questions about my mom. How is she, does she still like wine? I don't know, I don't know her.

He took me shopping, said something about me needing some colour in my life and forced me into a red Balenciaga dress. I can't help but smile, annoying and overcompansating - yes he most definitely is but also sweet and caring. Just like I remember him. He himself wears black, and in his ray ban wayfareers ( he must have had them before they were fashionable and wears them now when they aren't as well) he almost looks like an old and tierd James Dean. It's wierd but he's very handsome.

Found some incredible photos when I went through his stuff in the attic. I was looking for anything that could tell me more about my own mother. I know it's sad but nevertheless I have this feeling like I don't know her. He didn't have anything, but he did have ten or twelve photos of a young girl with darkbrown hair and a bang that made her eyes disappear under the curtain of hair. She was playing with a wodden horse and looked really happy. In the back it just said five years old. I guess it was something for the magazin that stuck with him. I stole on. Children with happy eyes makes me feel good.


Mar Estarellas said...

I like reading what you write and i also like this picture.

Heather Taylor said...

Oh James Dean, I love that man. Interesting that your dad looks like him, I don't know any girls who can say their dads look like that.
Your header is beautiful too.

Sophia said...

You're dad seems cute. Caring, but obnoxious. Enjoy LA as much as you possibly can

Much love,

Jillian said...

such a lovely drawing

Juliet said...

Gorgeous drawing!

juliet xxx

Kassandra said...

Haha. Sounds like that cheesy A-list series middle-class girls desperate for riches read.