Monday, February 15

Long lost penpale

When I first met her I was 11, well almost and we looked like ying and yang, different but still very much alike. At least on the inside.

Miri all these years later, drinking coffee at Intelli in the freakishly hot sun looking at each other trough Prada eyewear makes it all feels like yesterday. Deep inside, none of us really grown up do we?


Aquiles Damiron-Alcantara said...

Hey bella,

That is so nice that you got to see each other. It seems like you are having a nice trip thus far.

I believe that the noble memories we foster as we grow up constantly remind us of who we were once and who we have come to be. Many times we simply live in the past and dont know it.


Anise said...

not even close to freakishly hot was the sun today. (why am i inverting my sentences? that is dumb.) i must say i was surprised to be sweating so much in february but then again i keep forgetting LA is an effing sauna for way too many months of the year. i had blissfully forgotten that until today, which was only a tiny smidge of a glimpse at how hot it's going to get way too soon. gross. i do not like it here.

this doesn't really have anything to do with your post. sorry. i have been staring at the internet for probably 7 hours now and i'm getting a bit loopy.

also i felt like it was important to tell you that i'm ALSO madly in love with david bowie. i saw that on your profile. gosh, i hope it's still true or i would feel quite silly. just to clarify: i mean david-bowie-of-the-past, david-bowie-in-The-Man-Who-Fell-to-Earth-when-he-was-a-fucking-hot-alien, not old-david-bowie-who-appeared-in-that-movie-about-magic-recently-which-was-totally-disappointing-because-i-was-expecting-awesome-david-bowie-but-instead-got-david-bowie-playing-nikola-tesla-who-is-totally-not-sexy-at-all-unless-you're-into-electricity-and-stuff.

holy crap it is hard to type using dashes instead of spaces.

what was my point? oh right. i am pretty sure i never had one. except to say hi.

so here it is: Hello!! (i opted for "hello" instead of "hi" because "hi" always looks weird with exclamation points following, too many vertical lines i guess. whoever came up with that really didn't plan it well, did they??) and i hope you are having a good time in LA and meeting up with old friends which is always very risky. sometimes you wind up having to confront parts of yourself that you're not ready to confront. but i'm so glad it's working out and you're not here in the blistering heat.

xx x