Saturday, November 7

sea green, see blue - Jaymay

What ever I wear, I look to short and what ever I write isn't good enough. That's why I am such an awful blogger right now.

Fur: old and used, belonged to my grandmother. Bracelets: Mar by Marc Jacobs

Dress: stolen from the married mans closet, I assume it belonges to his wife. She is thin for a woman her age. Or maybe I'm fat. Anyway, a stolen dress is better than a dress you bought for yourself, and what is she going to do about it?


Aurora said...

fine -but u're wrong u know. you're a fantastic writer.

Audrey said...

Lovely dress, you look stunning.. I agree, what's she gonna do about it? it probably fits you better and it seems like it doesn't do her any good since she's not given any attention.. did you get out of berlin with a heart that felt a little bit lighter? then it's all worth it..

Miri said...

Agree. keep doing what you're doing, you seem really interesting hun!


Max said...

I rather enjoy your writing. And as Audrey said, you are stunning. Your the cat's meow.