Thursday, November 12

Eyes wide shut

Are we really happy here
With this lonely game we play
Looking for words to say?
But not finding understanding anyway
We're lost in a mas--masquerade
- George Benson

I have one big phobia, one thing that scares me more than anything and that is my own phone. When it rings, my heart literally stops for a second and I shiver when I answer, if I answer. I hate answering my phone even when I know who's calling but today an unknown number called and I still can't believe I had the guts to answer, maybe it is my new found feeling of freedom from the Berlin trip that helped or maybe it was the bottle of Barolo 90's red wine that I poured down my throat after school - either way I did answer and it was one of Amanda’s friends, Ellie who invited me to a masquerade party tonight. You see, these people do not work and they do not study so a party today makes as much since to them as it does on a Friday for normal people. I don't belong in either category but I accepted anyway. If only I had that McQueen masc, that the horrible Lady Gaga had in some editorial I can't remember it would have been perfect, but I don't and I doubt that there is anyone in London who'll bring it to my door before the dark falls, and I don't do shopping. I don't do stores, and I especially don't do sales.

I guess I'll have to find something in my mothers closet, I told you she dated a man who stole things from the Danish operas closet didn't I? I bet she has something worth wearing thanks to that wonderful man.


Anonymous said...

for me, i hate the ringing of a phone, that's the worst sound ever conceived, hugh laurie agrees with me

i'll never be as cool as hugh, but it's a start!

bryna said...

i never answer the phone!