Wednesday, November 4


I'm well aware of the fact that I just got home from several days in Paris, but I already feel like I need to get out of here. I hate London, it's all bullocks here. The streets are dead and cold, the music and parties are all dull and empty and I can't handle it.

Besides a pair of Jimmy Choos, a marc by Marc Jacobs bracelet and diamond earings shaped like teardrops my mother also sent an clear check with the note " Buy yourself a ticket over here and take a swim with me"

I don't think so.. I'll go shopping tomorrow and then I'll escape town again. It was a long time since I visited Mike in Berlin, an old friend of mine from my early days as a manhunter. He wasn't my first, but that wasn't what I told him and after that he has sent me flowers every birthday. Besides, there is life in Berlin and I need some of that.


Audrey said...

oh who doesn't? life's just too pathetic sometimes. you can deal with it for periods but then you just need a break, or three.. and those long gone lovers of ours make a perfect substitute for lonely hotelbars. as long as they stay forgotten when we leave early in the morning.. bisous

Lilee said...

nice blog and pics!

bryna said...

i know that feeling.