Thursday, November 26

My glas is not half empty, it's completely dry

Have you ever reflected over the incredible amount of strength it takes to simply walk straight?

I have several missed calls from Ellie, Amanda and others far less important. I have ten texts of which I have responded none and my doorbell has made sounds three times but I have not opened it once since Tuesday. Why do I still feel alone one might ask. I don't think further about it.

My new favorit that now shares a rating that is one on the top three pills to take is Propavan ,second one is Atarax when taken in large amounts and third is Prozac. So guess what I've been up to these last couples of days.. Yes, sleeping. Like a child


daisychain said...

your post is really hitting home with me.

I hope things beome less all consuming for you.

belle in arms said...

Thank you love. I'm glad you found your way here, I enjoy your blog as well :)

Nadege said...

honest blog, in fact you are elegant in your honesty.