Wednesday, November 11


I never had a dog that liked me some
Never had a friend or wanted one
So I just lay back and laugh at the sun
- Frank Sinatra

I'll tell you all about Berlin later today since I am actualy going to school now. To prepare myself for a day of horrible experiences such as having to talk to my fellow classmates I've started the day with two gin and tonics and half a Tramadol. Now I'm numb enought to shut their idiotic talk out and simply wander off inside my own head.

Have a nice day lovers.


Scandalous Housewife said...

Belle, Belle, Belle. What are we going to do with you?

belle in arms said...

Drink with me, and listen to old records. Don't think you can change me, just learn to like me instead. Or not. it's up to you my dear :)

Susan said...

I hope one day you find what you are looking for...
have a great day, xoxo

belle in arms said...

That's sweet Susan, as do I.