Wednesday, November 18

31 rue cambon

I'm guessing you've all heard about the Chanel magazine by Olivier Zahm, are you excited? I thought I would be, I mean Zahm is a god and Chanel is.. well Chanel ( no need for further explanations obviously) but I'm not. Not one bit. Maybe it's just not interesting anymore, or maybe I'm to drunk. I'll give it another thought when sober and then decide whether or not I like it. Why I am telling you this? I have no bloody idea. Maybe cause I want your opinions so that I can adopt them. Yes, that is why.


kpeach said...

I want to help create this mag-how amazing would that be? xo

Audrey said...

love, masquerade sounds amazing, you got any pictures soon? we all know you'll look stunning. and im curoius about what kind of mask you'd wear.. bisous

belle in arms said...

Kpeach, I agree! That would be the most amazing job ever.

Audrey ma chérie, pictures are now posted for you especially ;) That's sweet of you. The mask wasn't very decadent since I got such a short notice but however the night was incredable, wish you could have been there.