Monday, September 21

Song for the orphans

There are orphans junked on silver mountains
Lost in celestial alleyways
they wait for that old tramp Dog Man Moses
He takes in all the strays
- Bruce Springsteen

I never expected this not to happen. She was never the kind of mother who put a plaster on my bruised knee if I fell of my bicycle or the kind who made me pancakes for breakfast on my birthday (she always sent me happy birthday-cards and gifts weeks to late come to think of it). But I certainly did not expect it to happen so abruptly.

My mother Iris hates winter so she has always found ways to escape it. When I was in boarding school she was free to travel during the worst winter months and when I was even younger she simply had me "home-schooled" from Marbella, Maroco – insert any worm place and I’ve been there- but now since I am back from Belgium to spend my last year in London I guess she felt trapped. So she did what any determined woman with no heart would do, she packed her bags, wrote a letter and left with her newest lover Tom to seek for an endless summer in Australia.

And I, well.. I’m basically an orphan now.

So tonight I am swallowing down that insight with a large sip of Cadenhead’s Old raj gin on the rocks.



lastminutedreams said...

hey! good luck for the new blog :) kiss

anita said...

thaaaaaaaaaank you,you didnt unerstand spanish?

Victoria said...

I`m sorry for you..

Elliot Swan said...

i really hope that your mom finds out what a great person you are. and that she move´s back home.

belle in arms said...

Thank you sweethearts, but I hopfully will be fine with my wine and records.

Panty Buns said...

It sounds like we share abandonment scars.