Wednesday, September 23

Anxiety and four bottles of wine

So you've be thinkin' about it
You think that you've got the answer now
And you've been praying about it
You've asked him to remove your fear
right now
- Goldfinger

I didn't go with the middle-aged man to the muscial. Just wanted to tell you lovely people that.

I was dressed up and everything but simply couldn't bare myself to get out of the apartment and into his car. He called seven times while I stood in the window watching his car waiting for me. I didn't answer.

Instead I called Amanda and shared four bottles of red wine with her during silence. She understands what I'm saying even when I don't speak.
And now... She has left and I'm bloody drunk and lonely and I have no one to call. Would any of you worm my bed tonight?

I'm assuming the answer is NO. So I'll take a pill or two and talk to you later, maybe in 24 hour or so. (These Tramadolpills are more effective when you are intoxicated as a motherfucker)



Harry McKinley said...

Although I'd avoid any dramatic O.D. scenario!

belle in arms said...
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Jillian said...

so sad... but very beautiful again. thank you for finding my blog yours has become quite an inspiration!