Thursday, September 24

She knows the truth

Her head was spinning like a hurricane
Tina was singing her name
Old men like to rape her in the red light
She's too young and numb to complain
- Delta Spirit

As I told you all last night in drunken words, I didn't have a night out with him. He came here with his car, a silver sports car - the middle age crisis is obvious, and waited with the motor running for ten minutes. Several phone calls later of which I answered none, I could see his car leaving from the window hidden behind a curtain over 100 years old. Every piece of furniture in this apartment is old and has a history. It's disturbing.

I'm sure it wouldn't have been an anwful night, but I couldn't get out and meet him. I didn't want to look into his eyes, could barely remember their colour so it just felt impossible. And the sex.. Not worth an evening of uncomfertable conversations.

Just woke up, slowly smoking a cigarette in bed and typing. Will soon haze of again, the T has not left my system. Maybe next time one will be enough. Maybe not.

If I would have gone with him, this was the planned outfit. Instead I drank wine with Amanda in black lace panties, stay ups and a big t-shirt. Dress has a gorgeus shade of purple , pearls from Tiffany, earings Bvlgari.

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