Monday, September 28

Way to start the week

Then she turned around to me
With that gleam in her eye
She said, "I'm sorry if I passed you by
I'm gonna skip my homework
Gonna cut my class
Bug out of here real fast"
- Simon and Garfunkel

You though I would grow up to be the leader of tomorrow or at least his wife. But mother, oh mother.. A loney teenager in London does not behave correctly when she has the option to online shop and drink copiously all day long instead. But today I did good.

Started the week with attending school to everyones suprise. Was sent straight to the Principals office were I was told a thing or two. But I didn't really listen, just smiled and said that I had to cope with some things before I could get myself out of the apartment and actually socialize. He felt sorry for me which was my plan, and then all was forgiven. Stayed for a couple of hours but around twelve I'd had enough. Treated myself with a new pair of Manolos for being such a good girl today.

Now I'm about to pour myself a third Gin and tonic, Amanda will be here soon and I want to get a head start. We are going to listen to Bowie and be sentimental. I hope your day will be as magnificent as mine.


I wanted to wear something ironic, an outfit that screamed "You are all silly for putting up with this bullocks, these classes and books to read", but instead I looked like a straight A student myself. So I guess the outfit really was ironic, just not the way I wanted it to be.


WJ said...

Congratulations on being a good girl, can be so difficult to go to school with all these other blasted distractions. You need to post pictures of your shoes, now!

Susan said...

awww... I was a good girl, too. may I have a pair of manolos? :))
have a lovely week, xoxo

belle in arms said...

Thank you WJ. Exacly, there is so many another things to do during the day that school always ends up in the back corner of my mind.

Susan, you deserve Manolos as well!I will think of you while wearing my new ones,ok? haha :)

kpeach said...

you're like a real life London Gossip Girl:)

O'Style said...

Thank u!!

I wasn't be a good girl at school all the time but I had a heart of hearts!



Anonymous said...

lovely outfit!!!

lastminutedreams said...

lovely ***

Midtown Girl said...

Your posts are so entertaining!!

Glad to find your blog darling, hope you guys have a fun evening!


hannahlizabeth said...

haha love it, i was equally as good yesterday...


Kendra said...

cute outfit all the same :)

belle in arms said...

Thank you sweethearts, glad you like it. The best thing about getting your comments is that I find new blogs to read, keep it coming :)

Kellie Collis said...

Great chair!

fashionblogger said...

Another lovely picture from you :)

Faridah said...

It's a fantastic outfit. x