Wednesday, January 26

Line up, soldiers

Couldn't walk straight, my footsteps created a z-lined pattern on the streets I passed. Bouncing from one building to another, left right left right. Like a soldier. In an army devoted to the greater good. We defend what they condemn. Teenage porn stars and acid? Sir, yes Sir.

She wasn't there. I was so sure that if I called, she'd come. The alley screamed she will never come back, you wont find her
I just wanted to know her name. Ask her who she was before those stockings got ripped.

When I tripped and fell on Bond street an old woman helped me up. Go home she said, sleep it off You'll feel better in the morning.

She lied.


Aurélie said...

Thank you so much for being my first follower. I'v been reading your posts for a long time. Your writing is just so amazing.

Personally, my experience is that they're never there when you come to look for them. She knows where you are and how to find you. That's her job, to find you, not the other way around. And when she does, she'll come bearing gifts. Take care Belle, take the safe way home.

helen said...

maybe today.

but there could be one day soon, when you will wake up feeling better.

it is what i hope for.

sanchez said...

they always seem to find a way to lie.
just choose which ones you're going to believe.

Loulou said...

bond street and hunting ghosts or being haunted by them. feel slightly addicted to the movie you create in my mind. mirrowed, memorized, envisioned, who knows.

Cass. said...

I once looked for an old man in Penn Station years after encountering him when I was a little girl

I thought maybe he would still recognize me if I did see him

.. it's all one big fucking disappointment

belle Armed said...



Tabs A. Geek said...

Perhaps it was life's way of steering you clear of something that might make things worse?

I find the older generation holds onto a hope that doesn't quite fall through in today's world. When they were young, the world was more dependable, life was mediocre but content, and things were predictable.

These days, there are so many variables that more often than not, that hope they offer falls flat on the floor.

margg. said...

why is it, that the mornings never bring peace?

you have a wondrous talent my dearest.

Francesca said...

we're all always looking for someone
nobody ever seems to find them.