Sunday, January 9

A devil meaning well

A phone call. Autumn still, not long after a sunday walk but week had past.

- Im dying darling-belle and so are you.
- We're all dying dear. I might beat you to it old man.
- I hope not he said after a long pause, good night

Audrinne, a tall brunette which I shared room with at boarding school stared at me with sad eyes. She never asked about the nightly phone calls, even though they woke her up. Without a word she lifted her duvet and made room for me. I laid down next to her and she stroke my forehead until I fell asleep. Not a single word was spoken that night. The only light in the room was from her burning cigarette.

When I woke up, Iris passed the news through the principal who called to his office. Louis was dead. I had already dreamt about that exact scene the night before, in the arms of my loving roommate. I mourned him with intensity and passion, and wrote letters I never sent telling him about what he had left behind. Loved him more and deeper than before.

If I had sent them, we might have had those years (lost because of her lie)
What else has she stolen?


helen said...

they mean well, sometimes it just does not seem that way, or they do not fully comprehend the results of their actions

Jade said...

I wonder why she lied about it...let's hope it was with sincere reason possum xo

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

So beautiful. Enter my giveaway? x hivennn.

EllaGirl said...

Is this your new blog, Darling Belle? No wonder I lost track of you... xo - E.

Tabs A. Geek said...

That's a gorgeous picture.

It's amazing how many of us lose years with those we love and care about because of lies in some form or another.