Sunday, January 30

The death and birth of something beautiful

An hotell cellar, graveyard candles and red roses outside and crosses covering the walls. Miri took my hand and led me into the dark night, into the light. We're all gonna die tonight she whispered and I didn't tell her that a young man, possibly high definetly drunk stopped me on the street. He asked me when I thought I was gonna die and I answered that Im hoping that death isn't to far away. Maybe in the end of the week? I stared at my worn out Manolos and tried to avoid looking in to his eyes. Then he said what Miri later repeated unknowingly. You're going to die tonight. We're all going to die tonight.

The cellar was packed, fashionistas and immortal artists, editors in chief and random bloggers who make their living by wearing cloths and posting pictures of their charade. A man in a black cape gave me a bottle of Moët and I started crying. I emptied my plugged veins in the eternal salvation that is darkness. The absence of light is more merciful than cocaine. The same man later gave me a black envelope with cash. Because you're strange and you're beautiful.

Are you afraid of something she asked and I told her that I can't stand this. If she leaves, much like everyone else has, I will die. Because you see
She grows inside of me by the second, by every step I come to be more dependent on her presence


Loulou said...
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helen said...

oh, darling.
i don't even have the words. i can't even explain.

painfully beautifully.

Kaleidoscope Girl said...

Beautiful. I particularly love the characters you introduce, they really make this piece.

Aurélie said...

sounds like the night of your life. and a man in a black cape. nothing really missing here.

Linda Love London said...

Been reading your blog for a while now, you've been such an inspiration for me. I find myself thinking what would Belle do more than just occasionally. It has never led me to any good, but a whole lot of adventures at least..

Please read my blog, or well.. theres not much to read but a whole lot to see (or at least it will be, soon)


Leda la Lune said...

THERE ARE NO MORE SUPERLATIVES LEFT TO DESCRIBE THIS YOU you are my only thought passing through my head like a sentence without words and NO SUPERLATIVES COULD EVER FIT INTO MY VOCALS: Be my heroine.

nia said...

You look like the most beautiful swan. And your writing has left me speechless once again.


Kristina said...

your blog is just great dear :)


Loulou said...

belle, i find it so difficult sometimes to comment on your writing as it is what it is, leaving me breathless and stunned and still…connected and understood. but writing what I feel would be stating the obvious, with words that have lost their impact ages ago. I will try to find words that do your words justice, until then,
I love you, beauty.