Friday, September 2

I've got it all

Frank wakes me up, I had fallen a sleep on the bathroom floor in the middle of the day. During these few days without painkillers I seem to have forgotten the proper dose. His eyes filled with fear, his voice angry and sad at the same time. Like a husband who just figured out that his wife is cheating on him.

He lifts me up, slaps my cheek gently in an attempt to clear the fog in my mind.

We spend the rest of the day shopping at Liberty. Father figure Frank gets all excited about long dresses and feather-covered skirts but I am unable to share that joy. I hate new cloths.
Leaving the big black building Im carrying heavy bags of materia and when I ask Frank if it wouldn't just be easier to love me he starts crying.

-Thats what Im doing B.

Eva called and asked me to join her at Sketch
- You need to get out, darling. Let's drink some mai tais
I looked over at Frank, sitting across the hall smoking and pouring whiskey in two glasses
- I think I'd rather stay in tonight. I've got everything I need right here


Emilia Alonso said...

Those lips!!! so vamipire!! thanks for your comment!! you hair is awesome!

RockingStyle said...

hey!love your lipstick!
You have a nice style :)


polliani said...

loving your look

Anouk said...

you once said frank is such a famous photographer (oh who is he, how many really top photographers are there? and how many are based in LA? i suppose frank is not his real name)
Oh please please please let him take picture of you and post it please.of course without uncovering his identity) or on lookbook maybe? you will rule the whole world of blogger, belle!!!!!


thanks 4 ur comment! love ur blog! i follow u! i hope u visit me again!


Nina said...

thank you for your comment:) your blog is very inspiring, too! i'm going to follow you. maybe you could do the same:)

Temporary:Secretary said...

The blazer is awesome! Smart and chic! x


you are a talent in soaring!

addicted to reading you,

Christoffer said...

I like your blog!

Natasha said...

you weren't proposing... anything?! :( are you sure? I wouldn't mind if you did. :P
p.s. I don't on the first date (usually), but you're in my blogroll now.

Natasha said...

if you insist... Let me just grab my gadgets ;)

sassycasual said...

I just read 5 of your pieces and I'm in love with yr blog !!!
I write short stories and poems, but mostly on my native language... :S
Such a waste, I could use an opinion by someone from your caliber.

You have very interesting style and clever interpretation.
Some melancholy atmosphere, but in a good way.
Leaving you wantin' for more...

Yr favorite writers and books?
Following you, you've put a cherry on my sunday. ;)

(sorry for my language mistakes:S )

Gaby de Modacapital said...

I love your blazer and your photos! :)

Jo and Sue said...

Love this jacket ! :D thank you for your comment =)

Tabs A. Geek said...

Sadly, Frank is not the only man who feels that buying stuff is a solid enough statement of love.