Sunday, September 4


Father figure Frank didn't come home until this morning. A dinner party doesn't go on all night.

I sat up, wearing his shirt and drinking his gin while waiting. Tried to read but couldn't focus. I longed for him, like I have been my entire life. Woke up with my head between my legs, (with gin spilled all over the table) around five and expected to find him sleeping in a wine haze in my bed, but no.

When he finally appeared he refused to look me inthe eyes.

I didn't ask who he was with, I just finished the bottle of gin from last night and went to my room. -No, I don't want dinner F

I want you, I whispered



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Merci pour ton très gentil commentaire :) J'aime beaucoup cette photo :) Je te suis !

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Such beautiful photos.

Don't you hate when they can't look you in the eyes?