Thursday, September 1

Father figures and gin

September, and I make a difficult decision. My countdown starts now where it all ended once before.

Breakfast with Frank, in the dining room we sit across from each other and stare.

I: In my robe, hair messy and an awful winebreath. Black coffee, untouched. Visible bones, a tattoo on my wrist. Wet eyes, not from crying but from confusion. One thousand questions, not a single word suitable for the situation. Quiet.

He: Fully dressed, all in black. Coffee cup, almost empty. Pancakes and gin. Smoking. Humming. Trying to meet my eyes. Sitting on all the answers. Not giving me a single one.

We: Slept like new born babies. Hand in hand. Shared a dream, shared a bed.



hey pretty girl!i love your gorgeous photos on your blog!thanks for your sweet comment and hope u'll visit me more often!


Anonymous said...

Autumn's chill is coming, I can feel it. I have a feeling that you & I are Autumn babies. So 'tis the season, raise your glass

I'm glad you're back, dahling

Lidiya said...

Gorgeous photo! I love the way you write your posts :)

Amber said...

This is kind of sweet. I like the way you write. I love that photo...I really like the white tee. Looks comfy!

Shauna said...

sounds cozy, some of my best fantasies are of just sleeping with
my lover/spouse.

Tabs A. Geek said...

What was the difficult decision?

You always create such intense imagery with your posts and I love it. :)