Tuesday, December 28

Unite and take over

Christmas was awful.

I didnt plan on going, but when the dark night hit the city I felt lonelier than ever and I ended up attending Amanda's party. My hair worn as a veil, covering my pale skin with white strings. I used to have freckles but they have faded during the last month. Much like everything else. December kills a lot of things.

One violent embrace later, A loves with intimidating strength, I poured two glasses of slightly heated plum wine down my sore troth. Ive been smoking to much, eating to little. Scanning the room filled with thin girls and boys wearing suits, but with striped tshirts under instead of shirts. Feathers on the floor, pearls and punch. Christmas orphans, unite!

When I woke up in the bathtub after a minute of unconsciousness (an hour?) all I could see was red spots. Dark red spots. My nose cant take this anymore. My body is old, and its starting to resent me. A called my driver, and when I finally got home I fell a sleep in the black corset that had taken me an hour to get on with a lit cigaret between my lips. Unfortunately it didn't end up burning down the apartment. Nor did it kill me. At least, not in an instant.


Anonymous said...

it would be nice if we could rest, wouldn't it? if there was even just one day a week where we can be at piece. where we don't feel lonely or empty or anything along those lines

you words are so emotion filled, did you know? it is captivating

Anonymous said...

I had an awful Christmas too. But the holidays have passed, and the New Year is coming...

Belle, make 2011 your year <3

Lund3on said...

My Christmas was awful as well. I just don't want to talk about it. I hope you live to see the new year! It would devistate me forever if I knew something happened to you! If you're in the states you can text me! I hope the next few days made christmas a little better. or at least the rest of the month a little better. Fuck Christmas.

Text me if you need a friend.



Kaleidoscope Girl said...

'December kills a lot of things.'

This is a good post. :)

Loulou said...

you talk about death. with very breath and yet there’s more life in every word than in some thousand songs.

Loulou said...

every breath, i meant, sry

margg. said...

december kills everything.


Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

You write so beautifully.