Saturday, December 18

Ages have passed since I last felt alive

Punch me I yelled, please punch me

His blood freckled my arm. I didnt mean to puncture his pale skin below the shoulders with my brooch,or at least I didnt think I would go that deep.
But he was sleeping so heavily ( heavenly) that I doubted he would even wake up. Unfortunately he did. This surprised me because the needle was so thin.
I just wanted to write my name on your skin I lied.
The look he gave me when those words were spoken is until this day still the gloomiest my eyes ever met. Then he gave me the most sincere embrace, stroke my hair carefully and told me "everything is okay. It will all be okay"
And I closed my eyes for a second, then I focused on la plaie invisible that I had given him, and the suprisingly amounts of blood coming out of it.


sanchez said...

Belle I'm glad your writing so regularly. I also love that it is now "Belle Armed" it sort of gives me hope to come back stronger. I hope you feel stronger. Or at least. More here. Everything seems so fitting for once.

Anonymous said...

love this post, you've got a great blog!
i'll be back for sure.. =]
and thanks for your sweet comments, they mean the world!
come back and visit the revamped COSMICaroline anytime!


Kaleidoscope Girl said...

This is wonderful!... write more!