Wednesday, December 30

Je l'aime

Chloè, the french and more creative version of me. Soulsisters some might say. I'd rather call us lovers. Loving lovers.

I am well aware that these following words have been more worn out by me than I met a man last night and I do use those quite often, but nevertheless I feel the needs to say once again that I am sorry for being absent, I will pull it together for you and deliver some written down thoughts that you all can read and later forget.

Paris, I miss you I thought after spending several days in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden for the wedding I tried to crash. Let us never again mention that, all right lovers? So I went to the one city that I almost adore equally to Berlin and visited the lovely Chloè. We drank red wine that we heated on the stove ; the apartment she lives in has a poorly working heat system, we stayed in most of the time since Paris is filled with tourists and other idiots who don't even speak French.. Mon dieu..
We smoked untill our lungs begged for mercy, and invited boys from the street through the window to party with us. We kissed; we drank some more and then our blood red lips met again. It is a wonderful feeling, a girls wine tasting lips softly touching yours. When the night was so deep in that the streets were almost bearable to walk we visited the Eiffel tower. We simply had to. It's still magic, despite all the tourists.


Nadege said...

sounds as if you experienced
an extra heavenly slice of life.

AVY said...

Oh dear, the youth of today...

Susan said...

happy new year to you, darling.

Natasha said...

yeah... judging by your blog, you're my kind of girl too.. too bad you're so far away :P