Tuesday, December 22

By your side

I'm exhausted.

She is a married woman, and I.. Well I'm simply alone and sad. She's begging me to spend Christmas with them, but I think that'll just make me feel sick. I want to go home now. And then I'll come visit again, when he has gotten sick of her. Oh, who am I kidding? She's perfect, they'll stay togheter until death parts them. I know it.

All I want for christmas is a bottle of Old Raj gin and a cigarette, and that is exactly what I'll get.


Susan said...

I hope you get something else, too.
wish you happiness for Xmas, darling.

Ella said...

Remember you are also desirable and need no single person's approval.

Go for a walk. Be seen. Be beautiful.

I know you are. And I know you know you are.

"Fear is the mind killer." - E