Tuesday, October 27

Raw food is good for you

Heidi Slimane

Went out for sushi at Nobu last night with Amanda, drank way to many mai thais and discussed Paris. She hates it. I don't know what I think. The only city I ever really liked is Berlin. All others are simply the same to me, only different looking men and different kinds of Gin.

Amanda claimed me to be looking thinner than ever. Maybe I should post a picture here soon again so that you all can tell me that I don't, because that is how the blogworld works, isn't it? Although I seem to be lucky enough to actualy have some nice readers who leaves sweet comments..

Anyway, the sushi never tastes as good at the restaurante as it does when eaten in bed while watching an old movie. It is not that I hate people, I just rather not hang out near them.


Aurora said...

oh Berlin is wonderful..

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

Oh man, I love sushi and sashimi. Could live only on that.

Paris, I love it. Berlin, it is OK. I find it too modern / too cold in some parts. But, speaking of art / creativity, then Berlin wins over Paris.

And Hedi Slimane - my hero! Dior Homme Love.

Girl in the loft said...

I'm sure you look hot no matter what. and i love love love sashimi

AVY said...

Paris is full of french people, thus it is bad. /Avy's logic

Marian said...

You would fab no matter what honey!!
big kiss

Simes. said...

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Susan said...

I don't really seem to love going out as well...
have a great day,