Tuesday, October 6

Men who give girls underwear are idiots.

I did go and I stayed until now. We had gin and tonic in bed, I smoked slowly while he told me about that one album his band recorded 17 years ago that never sold more than a couple of hundred and I laughed. Laughter does not come easy for me so I'll give him points for that. But then he gave me a gift, La Perla underwear and stockings.

I hate men who gives woman underwear, why do they do so? It's like they want you to be the carachter of a movie, the young girl who has an affair with much older guy and gets underwear he thinks she can't afford herself. Excuse me sir, have you seen the red soles under my shoes? If I wanted La Perla I would have bought it myself, but I don't do sweet and theese underwear were unwearably pretty and pink. I like black lace and black lace only and preferably from Agent Provocateur. And I buy them for me, no men shall ever have any influence on what I wear closest to my skin, not even if they are the ones taking it off.

Came home to see that my mother has emailed me five times. She must think I'm dead. If she even thinks about it. I don't want to read them. Do I have to?


Signe said...

Yes u do. And you should answer her 2.

Miri said...

I say: Don't listen to what your mum's got to say. More laced underwear por la femme!!!

Aurora said...

darling, I love how you think.
if we wanted pretty and pink, -we would buy it 4 ourselves..

Riff Dog said...

I promise not to buy you underwear . . . if you promise to show me what you got for yourself. ;-)

Audrey said...

Oh sweet B, Who do they think they are? Or, who do they think we are? If a man gives me underwear, I'll castrate him. It kind of feels the same. Cheap coloured paper, silky, full of prints from someone with badly made french manicured nails. Am I supposed to look surprised? Or even worse, wear them? Sure, diamonds are a girls best friend, but only if they come pearshaped in a steelbox. No prints, no card, no identity. With a bottle of carmousinered. And I won't say please..

Jillian said...

OMG when you said the thing about getting underwear as a gift I FEEL THE SAME WAY! I think u just read my mind!!!

ugh my bf once asked me if he could buy me a nice bra and i was so devastated... made me feel like he was almost insulting my undergarments!

i totally get you!

belle in arms said...

Signe: you are so wise, I guess you're right but I don't have the strength. Could I have some of yours?

Miri: exactly, more lace! <3<3

Aurora: I', glad there are girls who agree with me and not only dumb giggiling idiots who appreciate anything as log as it is a gift from a man.

Riff: It wasn't an invitation.

Nova: lovely Nova, you understand me completly. Don't they know its an insult? But I'm sure your boyfriend ment well. <3

Fashion By He said...

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Buddha said...

I don't get why anyone buys clothes for people. I don't care if it's my girlfriend or my aunt back when I was in 3rd grade... we all have different taste. If I bought my girlfriend an outfit, I'm sure she'd smile and think "what an idiot". Actually, I did buy something for her once and she rarely wears it. Lesson learned.

louise said...

god and it was cheap aswell