Friday, October 23

And so she returns

I was gone, tumbling around in the dark and fogy nights that Paris had to offer this time a year and then I went back home. Arrived to an empty apartment, rain outside and not one glimpse of light to be seen, I had my worn down heels in my hands and lipstick in my hair. My mascara? It was nothing but stripes down my cheeks. What I have been up to you wonder, and so do I. Throwing up, that has been one activity I've been using to pass time, and eating macarones despite the fact that they are way to sweet for me. Red wine and cigarettes and spending the night with different french men who all promised me green forests and fortune have been other ones.

And now, I'll probably sleep for a thousand years.


Audrey said...

Oh darling, welcome back. So you've been to Paris? Why didn't you visit me at the dark hotelbars? It's the best places to spend alonetime on including red wine and cigarettes. And there's loads of les françaises aussi! I've never tried with company though, maybe next time you'll join me. Bonne soirée chérie, à bientôt..

belle in arms said...

Thank you my love, glad to be back. Yes, spent three noghts there just to prove a point, that I hate London. I wish I would have known, next time I promise to visit you and drink copious amounts of wine. à bientôt!