Monday, October 12

I'm ill with the thought of your kiss

Should have known you'd bring me heartache
Almost lovers always do
- A Fine Frenzy

I'm sorry darlings but I am currently out of emotions, my head is cloudy and I can't sort out dreams from reality. I'm in haze of Tramadol and wine, and I can't bring myself to write when let alone speach seems impossible for me to handle. So instead I'll give you this

The wonderfull Louise-dahl Wolfe


Signe said...

And that, is great.

Signe said...

ehm. The photo I mean.

Audrey said...

we've all been there darling. concentrate on breathing, wear it out, never stop the dripping down the throat. wait until you can't see anything else than bottomless red in bed and silvery fog. then put on some silk and pearly white, get up on your knees and focus on your heart beating or not. we all need to rest sometime, we all need to know whether it's our cell vibrating next to our liveless body or the live getting out of our bodies. and when you're ready, we'll be waiting here or at saint-germain lounge.. bisous

SaraJ said...

ah Frenzy. Love it. And that dress, it´s not to much for saturday night? no? Good.

Aurora said...

'out of emotions,' -I've been there. It's no fun, I know.