Wednesday, August 24

Riots and cake

They tried to burn down my city, you know. Where was I? Inside eating cake. Safe between thick concrete walls. Ive never really participated in anything, so the thought of starting then wasn't really.. well, thought.

But during all of the chaos, all of the mayhem that was caused, I couldn't help but to think of a man who wanted this to happen a long time a go. Somewhere far away, Tyler Durden sat half naked, with a cigaret between his lips and with the biggest smirk.

In so many ways, I wish I had a little bit of him in me. But Im just as exciting as the narrator. Just as empty.


Arundhati said...

Hey! Your new follower here! Visited your blog accidentally, actually! But its a nice accident, I must say. You've got a real great blog here and I liked it!
I respect how you keep everything so real and be honest with yourself as well as with the people who read it. Keep it up! I loved the way you write your feelings.. kind of how a girl ACTUALLY feels. I'm impressed. :)

From India with love,

A said...

Lovely Belle, I wish you would ask my name.

Belle Armed said...

A, is that A as in anonymous? Is is A as in the grade?
Do I know you? I like not knowing the names of people around me, names are nothing but labels. And who gives a shit about labels?

A said...

Never told you my name when I met you in London when I was there visiting my father. I went out alone to have a drink, it was a tuesday, and there you were, drunk and uncontrollable. You had black heavy shoes and hair down to your waist at that time. I offered you whiskey and you accepted. What label that gives me I don't know - but it seems I'm willing to let you put a stamp on me. Anything something. Anonymous is not that rare.

Mellie said...

cute outfit!

tales from south of the river

Tabs A. Geek said...

As horrible as those riots were, there is a part of me that wishes I could have been there; not partaking, mind you, just been there to experience it, to witness it first hand. To have an understanding of it that one cannot gain from the news and newspapers.