Tuesday, August 23

Have you ever seen a human heart?

It looks like a fist covered in blood

Do you need LSD to write like that he asked

When dreams become a boring pause from the insanity that is real life (Big Brother, Jersey Shore, the real housewives..) drugs seem to be the last thing a girl would need. But then again, I've never really thought in terms of "need and should", on the contrary to be frank.

Lets be frank, lets talk about truth.
I never belonged anywhere. I finished first every single time. I got bored. I started doing things I knew I wasn't capable of, just to get my floating feet back on the ground. I applied for jobs which no boss in his right mind would give me, but they all did. I started viewing life as a game of which the rules where specific and clear, the instructions gave away all secrets. I started something I couldn't finish. Then I did.

And now, I just want you to pick me, chose me, love me.
Caligula made his horse senator. Clay wanted Rain.
Some choices aren't logical, but they (much like LSD) take you for a hell of a ride.


K said...


Tabs A. Geek said...

I think this one is my favourite post so far.

Shauna said...

true, belle. some choices aren't logical. like buying a vanita rosa
blouse instead of paying my cell

SiljeOhlaLA said...

That is my all-time favourite movie quote.