Monday, August 29

He's coming

I don't remember, A. I don't know who you are. Im sorry (Oh, I wish I was)

Father figure Frank called last night. I was dizzy from banging my head against the wall. There's no more T in my drawers. I need a doctor as liberal as my father figure. I need a pill as strong as she was. The girl from the alley. Let's call her Marla.

- Whats shakin, kid?
- How's LA, Franky?

We never really talk. We just exchange questions. None of us have any answers. We never had.
He's coming to London soon, something about Vouge, something about love.

- How soon is soon? Like, today?
- Like.. tomorrow kid. Clean up, get sober, kick out the lover you're hiding.


Anonymous said...


Loulou said...

Seriously? Oh, c’mon hun that post was just a sad representation of the boredom I am in/I exude.

BUT good to have YOU back!


Natasha said...

You're so pretty! This is very weird and I love wine and you are very cool.

Mat said...

least you have the red to turn to. cheers for the comment you left on my illustration

Tabs A. Geek said...

It seams Frank knows you quite well. Although, is there a lover you've been hiding?