Wednesday, September 1

On the road

The longer it takes me to write you all something, to tell you that Im alive and breathing, the harder it gets. So once again, my apologies dearest ones. Are you still here?

Chloè left our apartment about a week a go. Packed her bag and left wonderland in a red coat far to hot for these indiansummer days and a cigarette burning between her lips. A tout a l'heure chèrie! she said and closed the door. I couldn't bare chasing her down the stairs, didn't want to beg. I had begged enough. A woman in the need of fleeing shouldn't be tied down by guilt, and my voice filled with despair must have caused her heartache enough to last for a lifetime. At least I hope so, if the tables were turned I know thats how I would have felt. She kissed the crisp morning air outside and her stilettos said Bonjour to the cobblestone.

I hope she'll be back soon, you see we understand each ohter on other levels of madness than anyone else can on this burning planet. And she made me love her. Now.. I just miss her


Kaleidoscope Girl said...

I love how you integrate the french and english.

sanchez said...

I've missed you, your writing, your posts.

and its really hard to know if you make an impact on someone that you care so much about. But just can't chase after anymore.

I've decided to stop chasing. If he cares. He'll find me.

But I'm still scared he wont

I hope she does come back.

TabithaVenasse said...

The beauty of your writing never ceases to amaze and enthrall me.


Such a sad yet beautifully written post. I hope your heart heals without too much pain prior.

Anonymous said...

Belle darling,
it is so good to hear from you...

this writing makes me sad,
but it stuns me with its utter beauty

chin up. glasses up

Lola-Rose said...

monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday.
I am in Paris.

on the off chance you read this tonight or tomorrow or Monday before 4am... ha... my email is ..

maybe we could meet
if not this time, i promise i will be back! xx