Saturday, April 24

Bonjour ma chèrie

Woke up with sun teasing my face, like it was telling me to get up and welcome it, like it felt it deserved. Me sleeping was in insult to a beautiful day dawning. I obeyed. Who am I to say no to the Paris sun? Is anyone entitled to that? Stroke the hair in my eyes to the sides, like a curtain that tried to shut it out but wasn't thick enough. Got out of my dress that smelled like cigarettes, plum wine and decadence. Like last night. Chloé was nowhere to be seen I realized after wandering the entire apartment with drunken steps. Poured some coffee and placed myself in the kitchen, said god morning to the eifeltower and found her note

petit déjeuner pour deux,
à tout de suite.
Ensemble c'est tout!
Biz C

Now thats love in four simple sentences. She knows me.


SaraJ said...

callup when back love.

apparellel said...

omg. i totally thought you were writing about the past. i didn't know you are actually in paris. duh. so amazing. have a great time, beautiful girl.