Monday, January 25

One of the few things I'll leave behind

Amanda took me out for breakfast this morning, saying that there is no better way to start the day than with croissants and champagne and I might just belive her. We drank and ate in silence, she was just smiling at me like a kid who had done something they weren't supposed to do but still felt pride in having done it. The thing she wasn't supposed to do was her ex boyfriend ( the underwear model, I've told you about him earlier right?) and now she felt great she said. Sex always fullfills her and makes her more calm, for me it's almost the opposite.

So she celebrated that she was back in action with the man who looks like a God and I celebrated, without telling her, that my first column ever is now published on
Balladof, one of the most beautiful and smart online magazines I have ever come across. And they like me, can you imagen?

Please tell me what you think, harsh words or soft ones it may be. Nevertheless I want to know what you think.


Susan said...

love-love-love. congrats, darling.

Signe said...

I think your fab. Thats what I think.

belle in arms said...

Thank you sweethearts, that makes me glad <3

Sophia said...

Spectacular. I love it!


Jennifer Fabulous said...

I need to start my mornings with champagne. ;)

Love this post and LOVE the selection in Balladof. You're quite talented, so I'm not surprised by the honor.

belle in arms said...

I absolutly think you do Jennifer, it makes a perfect morning.

Thank you darling! <3