Tuesday, January 5

I don't see what anyone can see in anyone else

I met a boy on this corner today heading home from school. He had a gitarr and very visible veins on his hands and I just knew I needed him. He has innocent eyes and a funny laughter that even makes me smile, something I don't often do. We've been drinking red wine and just finished watching Sunset Boulevard and now while he is taking a shower I just had to write this to tell you that I am happy in a wierd way. This is amazing. I'll tell you everything tomowrrow.
Bisous lovers


Susan said...

I wish you would fall in love, dear...
have a sweet day, xoxo

Signe said...

sounds just like my boy.
It's not him, right?

Miri said...

this is getting interesting!=)

The Coffee Cup said...

Im's Aquiles. Pleased to meet you.

This is my first time in your blog.

This post is quite intense. Can't wait to read more.

Buenos deseos,
Aquiles from The Coffee Cup


Vvv said...

I love boys/men with very visible veins on their hands. It kinda turns me on.

Anyways, this is lovely. Hope the happiness will last.