Friday, June 3

I'm on my knees

He said: Belle, stop cutting my wrists

I said: Mine are already trashed

I tried to come back, tried to swim up for air but kept falling down. I thought about you day and night, but couldn't find the words. Went to LA and back, with less words for each air mile.

But I do find myself carrying on conversations with you even though I can't seem to write anything down. I tell you everything, but the words doesn't travel well.

But I know one thing. My wrists can't take anymore, and neither can his. So, can we pick up from where we left off? Can you love me again?


Anonymous said...

I adore you in ways that are not suitable for probably never having met you in person. But you just get it. And that is all I can ever ask...

Anonymous said...

i missed you, (because it is possible to miss someone you do not even know)

Cynthia said...

Welcome back darling. This post
reminds me of someone- maybe
me, but also a long poem I wrote
ages ago.

peace within.

Christopher said...

Always darling.

Tabs A. Geek said...

Welcome back. Your beautiful words have been missed.

Anonymous said...

We don't stop loving, we forget we are loved. Your words travel so well and we keep them as we would a gift, precious. Its not about age or gender its about honesty and vulnerability and you have those in hand.
Love you beautiful girl. Love you Belle, we should all find the simple grace in saying so. M.